Inspire Peace

Next Tuesday is Independence Day in the United States. I have been reflecting on what the holiday means, mostly because it has turned into a day for barbecues, fireworks, and pool parties. While I enjoy eating a good hamburger on the holiday, people have become so quick to forget the meaning behind the holiday--our country's independence.

I'm naming this blog post "inspire peace" because that's just what we need in this world--in this country. There's so much violence. Every day when I look at the news, I hear about shootings, bombings, and more. Americans arguing against fellow Americans. Peace is nonexistent.

A family sitting down for dinner during the 1950s (photo/
My friends and family know I'm obsessed with the 1950s. It's my favorite time period and it's not just because my favorite television show is "I Love Lucy." I'm fascinated by the 1950s because, at least in comparison to the current time period, the 1950s seemed like a simpler time. Family was a focal point. The American Dream was still alive and prosperous. Everything just seemed...peaceful.

Because this blog is dedicating to writing and creativity, how can you inspire peace through your written words? Inspire your readers through your characters' actions. Whether this be through their work, family, or community action, inspire your readers to draw inward and think about their own actions.

If your protagonist is working with charity, this might motivate your readers to think about how they can get involved in community charity programs. If your characters belong in a close family, this might encourage your readers to spend more time with their own families. You never know how you're going to influence your readers, but a writer always hopes it is in a positive way.

Inspire your readers to have peace in this world--because if your readers are anything like me, they want to be encouraged. They want to have faith that things in this country will get better. Your readers will look to you for words of wisdom on how to have peace.

So, if you're a writer and you're reading this post, I encourage you to think about how your current project will impact your readers. If you're not a writer and you're just reading this post, then I encourage you to have peace. Have courage and faith that things will get better in the future. Be the person to start something new.

As you celebrate Independence Day next week, think about the word "peace" as you attend your barbecues and pool parties. As you look up at the sky with the sparkling fireworks, think about how you can bring peace to a world of violence.

Inspire peace.



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