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Weekend Writing: What I Learned from Judy Blume

Judy Blume is an author every preteen girl should know. Her books, Are You There God? It's Me Margaret, Blubber, Deenie, and more, cover topics adolescents need to read. She was one of the first authors to write about puberty and the many changes in a young girl's body. We needed her books.

Because I have always admired Judy Blume's writing, when I heard she was offering an online class through MasterClass, titled Judy Blume Teaches Writing, I was immediately intrigued. In 25 short lessons, I would listen to Judy Blume and learn from her experiences in writing and publishing. I wanted to learn from her--because I think every writer wishes they could be like Judy Blume.

The class covered a wide range of topics, including:

How your childhood can influence your writingHow to find ideas for storiesHow to write for young adults How to create memorable characters How to write strong dialogueHow to create strong plot structure The writing process (drafting, revising, etc.) Gettin…

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