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Weekend Writing: Defining Your Story's Genre

There are some genres we love to read over and over again, whether it's romance, science fiction, fantasy, historical, dramatic, comedies, etc. These genres often play along with our interests. We have our favorite genres; therefore, it's not surprising that we prefer to write in our favorite genre, as well. It's our comfort zone. After all, reading makes us a better writer (discussed in this blog post). So, if you grew up reading science fiction stories, then you might be more inclined to write books in that genre, as well. If you grew up fascinated by romance stories, then you will want to write similar stories.

But, sometimes you need help defining your story's genre. Below is a list of genres to help get you started in defining where your story falls.

Crime/Detective: These are the classic Agatha Christie novels, in which the novel depicts a crime, the criminal is often caught, and the novel discusses the process of uncovering "who did it." Mystery novels…

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