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Weekend Writing: Celebrating Charlotte Bronte

There are very few classic writers who have withstood the test of time quite like Charlotte Bronte. Her novels have become one of the most widely read works of British literature, and I believe readers will continue to cherish her writing for decades to come.

Today I'm celebrating her on my blog because it's her birthday. Charlotte was born on April 21, 1816 in Yorkshire--the third of six children, and the older sister of her famous writing sisters, Emily and Anne. After their mother passed away from cancer in 1824, their father sent Charlotte and Emily, and their two older sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, to the Clergy Daughters' School, which would become the inspiration for Lowood School in Charlotte's iconic novel, Jane Eyre. 
The school had poor living conditions, which Charlotte believed affected her health and physical development. Her older sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, both died at the school from a tuberculosis outbreak, prompting their father to remove Charlot…

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