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Inspire Advice for a College Freshman From a Recent Graduate

It's time for students to return to school. Most public schools have welcomed students back into the classrooms, but this week and next weekend is the typical time when college freshmen begin to move into their dorm rooms and start their educational careers as college students. It's a scary time, but also an incredibly exciting change.

I'm a recent college graduate. I graduated from Ohio Northern University in May. While I'm happy to be working as a professional, I still miss getting ready for school. I'm the "nerd" who enjoys buying a new planner and plugging in my schedule for the new semester.

I remember the butterflies in my stomach when I arrived to campus in Ada, Ohio during the freshman move-in weekend in 2013. I knew I was prepared for college, but I was nervous about meeting new people, my professors, and the concept of taking challenging classes.

If I had read a blog post back in 2013 with advice for preparing for my freshman year from a recent…

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