Inspire Music for Summer Road Trips

One of my favorite things to do is sit down at my writing desk, open up a new Word document on my laptop to begin writing my next story, and then I turn on some music to truly escape my surroundings. I fall into a creative world, one I don't really ever want to leave.

My head nods to the beat of the music. I'm sure we've all been there--lost in the lyrics and feeling like the song was personally made for you. It's never true, but it makes us feel better.

The summer season is a busy time. Kids are out of school. The pools are open and kids are playing around the clock. Families travel to new places and during these trips, music is an accompaniment. When you're driving across the country, the radio becomes your best friend. You blast your favorite songs and sing at the top of your lungs with your friends.

These are the ingredients for a perfect summer road trip--music, singing, and laughter. I challenge each and every one of you reading this post to devote moments during your day to listen to music--to stop stressing over the little stuff and explore the beautiful world around you. Sing songs, even if you can't sing.

There are five new musicians I recommend adding to your iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc. These are rising stars--people you may not know but once you hear their music, you can't stop listening. You wish you knew about them sooner.

So, here are my five recommendations for new songs to add to your road trips:

1. The Lazy Lies - "(Things Will Eventually) Backfire" 

I recently discovered The Lazy Lies and I'm intrigued by the melodic pop-rock infused music with a hint of inspiration from the Monkees. This band, from Barcelona, has a rhythmic cohesiveness and I find myself nodding my head along to "(Things Will Eventually) Backfire."

2. Declan McKenna - "Isombad" 

This young (Declan is only 18 years old) musician is quickly developing a remarkable knack for creating indie hits. He won Glatonbury Festival's 2015 Emerging Talent Competition, and it doesn't look like the musician is slowing down anytime soon. His debut album is released next month, but I personally found myself falling in love with his indie song, "Isombad." It's a great song to put on and drive.

3. Ryan Hurd - "Love in a Bar" 

When I first looked at this new country singer, I said, "Oh, he looks like Jake Owen when he used to have long hair." The Michigan native moved to Nashville to attend college at Belmont University, but then he discovered his passion for music in the Music City. His music is fun and he's definitely an artist to look forward to seeing more music from in the future. "Love in a Bar" is a colorful song all about finally finding love during a night out on the town.

4. Judah & the Lion - "Suit and Jacket" 

My favorite indie-folk bands are Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons, and OneRepublic. Their songs always make me want to dance and I feel powerful after I listen to them. This happened when I first listened to Judah & the Lions. The band is currently on tour with Twenty One Pilots, so the musicians are quickly making a name for themselves. The band's newest single, "Suit and Jacket," is a great song to listen to while you're traveling, mostly because it makes you forget about all of your troubles and you just listen to the music.

5. Micah Tyler - "Never Been a Moment" 

This new Christian singer has a lot to bring to the genre. He's been in the music scene since 2013, but has only recently gained fame with newer singles, like "Never Been a Moment." His most recent album, "Different," hit the Billboard magazine chart.

In my opinion, music is very inspirational, which is fitting for this blog. I encourage, or rather challenge, all of you to listen to new music, discover these new musicians who are trying to make careers, and have fun on your summer vacations. Sing along to your favorite songs. No one will judge you.



  1. Kasy, I saw your request to join Christian Writer's and Reviewers Reshare, so I dropped​ by to get to know you better. 🙋Why don't you direct me to some posts of the type you'd like to have us reshare? 😊 Fun to meet you. Happy summer shine time.

    1. Deirdre, hello! Thanks for commenting on this. My blog is changing to focus on the word "inspiration." All of my posts will discuss inspiration--hoping to inspire people with new ideas. So, that's why I requested to join the group! Here's the blog post explaining my blog's redesign: Fun to meet you, as well!


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