Inspire Change

I know, I know, I know. I've abandoned this blog. My last post dates back to January, but I have returned, ready to change this blog--introducing a new vision as I turn the page from a student to a working writer.

A lot has changed in my life since I've last been with you five months ago. For one thing, I graduated college. I never said which college I attended for protection, but now that I'm away, I'm happy to share that I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing from Ohio Northern University in the tiny little "village" of Ada, Ohio. I completed my education and said goodbye to some of the best people I know. In fact, I said goodbye to Ohio as I moved back to my native home state, Indiana, after graduation to begin my career as an editor.
Writing my next chapter at my college graduation. 
It was a hard transition--saying goodbye to a place that has become my second home for the past four years. I know that it's a cliche to say that college is "the best years of your life," but I really believe that my college years were some of my best experiences. I met and lived with my two best friends, and learned valuable information I will use in my professional career.

But now I'm moving forward. I'm working as an editor for a magazine, doing some freelance work, and beginning my plans toward a nonfiction book I've been working towards for nearly two years. This blog will be changing from a variety of topics to themed posts--all titles beginning with a single phrase: "Inspire (insert word here)."

"Inspire change" is my favorite phrase right now. It's how I end my "I Love Lucy" YouTube videos (yes, I have a "I Love Lucy" YouTube channel). It's how I view my life--working to inspire change. Writers by nature want to inspire people. In my opinion, if there's something in your life that you're not happy with, change it. Don't be afraid to change it. It's okay to change. I've been changing and evolving the past four years, especially this year. I'm happy with the current person I am, the person I'm meant to be. Are you happy with your current self? If not, change it.

Here's my commitment to you: I will write a new blog post once a week. Subscribe to my blog to stay connected with me as I move forward to the second portion of 2017, and continuing to evolve as a young woman in the 21st century.

Inspire change.



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