The Ultimate Test

The Lucy-Desi Museum & Center for Comedy (photo/Kasy Long)
I apologize for the small delay in my blogging, but I have been working tirelessly for my internship at the Lucy-Desi Museum & Center for Comedy in Jamestown, NY. It is already July and I am surrounded by work projects that have important deadlines attached to them.

As a quick update, each intern has been assigned as a "captain" for events in the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival. I don't know how I managed to do this, but I have been assigned to be the "captain" of four events. Yes, four events! I am the captain for the silent auction ["I Love Lucy" merchandise and memorabilia], promotion for the free kids comedy show "Story Pirates," promotion for the Standup Showcase entertainment show that is also free for all military personnel past and present, and lastly, the much anticipated "I Love Lucy" trivia contest.

I'm going to be so busy!

It's an adventure to be working on projects that have a complete journey. I have gathered 65 baskets for the silent auction, created a promotional flyer for the "Story Pirates" show and delivered them to the local schools, libraries and summer camps, created a promotional postcard for the Standup Showcase and delivered them to the local military legions, and lastly, I have begun to fact check all of the trivia questions for the trivia contest. As a huge "I Love Lucy" fan, I have basically trained my entire life for this task--fact checking "I Love Lucy" facts and knowledge. It's my ultimate test, but so far, I am passing with flying colors.

I'm spending my 4th of July weekend at the museum gift shop, working on Saturday and Sunday. I'm not sure how busy the museum will be over the holiday weekend, but since this is my first summer away from home, I'm glad I'm going to be busy this weekend.

So, while I'm working away, enjoy your BBQ food, fireworks and pool parties.



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