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Weekend Writing: Crafting a Love Interest

Who doesn't enjoy a good love story? Yes, most readers enjoy a book that involves two characters who fall in love. But does a story need romance to be considered "good"? Absolutely not!

Here's my tip: Don't force romance into your fiction. If two characters aren't compatible, don't make them fall in love. If your story focuses on crime and murder, romance would disrupt the action. Only add romance if your story truly calls for it.

But let's say you're writing a love story. Great! But, how do you write a strong love story? There are many techniques I have learned through the years, but it's still hard work to craft a love story that feels fresh and exciting.

So, before you begin writing, you need to craft the characters who will serve as love interests. Whether you're writing a love story or looking to include a romantic subplot, let's break it down on how you should craft these characters.

The Types of Love Interests 

A love interest i…

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