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Inspire Creative Festive Decorations

Last week, I wrote about my favorite holiday traditions. Of course, one of these traditions includes decorating my home with holiday decorations. Shortly after Thanksgiving, it's Christmas galore in my household. The Christmas tree goes up and we decorate it with vintage bubble lights, homemade ornaments, and more.

There's nothing quite like seeing the tree light up with festive colors and the yellow star at the top. It's part of our Christmas traditions--a part of our family. Some decorate their tree with garland, candy canes, strands of popcorn, etc. But if you ask me, the lights, ornaments, and star at the top are all you need to get into the holiday spirit.

To top it all off, we have a Santa Claus figurine, Dalmatian dogs, snowmen, a stuffed reindeer, and vintage ice skates underneath the tree. There's a little bit of everything in our tree, and that's exactly why it's ours. 

But this year has been different. Since I moved out of my childhood home last summ…

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