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Inspire Nostalgia: Remembering Baby Dolls

For the past three weeks, I have been featuring a series of nostalgic memories on dolls. First, I reflected on the pop culture phenomenon of the Barbie dolls. Last week, I featured the historical influence of the American Girl dolls and books. I hope you have enjoyed the series, but the time has come for my final feature: Baby dolls.

Long before I owned Barbie dolls or the American Girl dolls, I played with baby dolls. After all, they're intended for babies. From Cabbage Patch dolls to dolls you could "feed" and "change diapers," baby dolls were some of the earliest memories from my childhood. I remember opening a present at Christmas and it would be a new baby doll. I would run over to the window and exclaim, "Thank you, Santa!" 
Now that I'm an adult, I have a new exclamation: Thank you, Mom and Dad. 

Baby dolls have a bad reputation in 2019. If you give a baby doll to a young girl, you're training her to become a mother. You're teachin…

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