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Weekend Writing: Reviewing Karen Kingsbury's "Fame"

"But as she lay awake she wondered at herself. If she really was desiring God's will, then she'd have to listen carefully. Otherwise, she wouldn't hear Him above her own excitement." - Karen Kingsbury, "Fame" 

If you have been following my blog, you know I am a fan of Karen Kingsbury. Her "Life-Changing" fiction is comforting, inspirational, and impacts readers in ways we hardly expect. I loved reading her Redemption series, as part of her famous Baxter Family series, and so I was very excited to begin reading the Firstborn series--a continuation of the Baxters. I fell in love with the Baxters in the Redemption series and I couldn't wait to see what the family was up to now.

The series' first book, Fame, introduces two very important characters: Hollywood heartthrob Dayne Matthews (who we met in Reunion) and the charming Midwestern Christian Kids Theater [CKT] director Katy Hart. Dayne remembers watching Katy when he visited Bloomingto…

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