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Weekend Writing: Celebrating Anne Sexton

One of the most prolific confessional poets of all time, Anne Sexton's poetry discusses depression, suicidal tendencies, and very personal details of her life. She disclosed her struggles in her poetry, and she's often regarded as one of the most personal poets of all time.

I'm celebrating Anne Sexton today on the blog because she was born on November 9, 1928, in Newton, Massachusetts, as Anne Gray Harvey. She spent most of her childhood in Boston. The daughter of a successful businessman, Anne's childhood was pretty ordinary, but it wasn't exactly happy. She had a complicated relationship with her parents--a relationship many biographers consider abusive.

In 1945, she enrolled at Rogers Hall boarding school and after graduation, she enrolled at Garland Junior College. She described the college as a "finishing" school.

On August 16, 1948, when she was just 19 years old, Anne married Alfred "Kayo" Muller Sexton II, and the two would be married u…

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