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Inspire Going Green

There is a double meaning for this post: going green for St. Patrick's Day, and going green for the environment. St. Patrick's Day is this upcoming Saturday and spring is just around the corner (even though the weather outside has another opinion).

Spring is often the time of the year when people think about "going green." Spring is a new season of life and when the earth seems to be "reborn." Flowers bloom, the weather is a little nicer, and everyone begins to recover from the winter blues. If I ever get married, I want to plan an April wedding because just like the weather is changing for the better, I would be starting a new season of life.

There are so many ways to go green and help the environment. Below is a list of ways you can give back to the beautiful world you live in:

Reduce Your Waste: This is often the most popular and easiest way to go green. Reduce the amount of waste you throw into your trash can. You've heard of the three Rs of going g…

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