Inspire Fun Activities for Summer 2017

Thunder roars outside as I type this new blog post. We're under a severe thunderstorm warning, and as much as it brings me anxiety when the storm clouds begin swirling and the sky darkens, there's something calming about hearing the gentle roar of a distant clap of thunder.

This is summer. Apart from Christmas, the summer season is my favorite time of the year. I was very fortunate and blessed to grow up in western Indiana, where (I guess I'm biased) it's the best place to enjoy the perfect summer season.

You've got the 90-degree heat, sunshine, swimming pools, parks, lakes, fairs, campgrounds, bonfires, and the breathtaking Indiana sunsets. When I was in school, summer meant I didn't have any responsibilities; I could just have fun.

While I'm now a working professional, I still have fun during this summer 2017 season. What I have found is that this summer is better because I don't have to be stressed to jam everything into a restricted number of weeks before I would have to return to Ohio for college. Summer doesn't end until September, according to the calendar. I fully intend to use every opportunity I can get to soak up the sun.

Below are my suggestions to inspire fun activities for your family during this summer season:

1. Swimming 

(photo/We Heart It)
Whether you have your own private swimming pool or you have a local public pool in your community, swimming is one of the best ways to spend a summer day. My family has our own pool, and I can easily spend five hours in the water--soaking up the sun and diving for rings with my sister. I have grown up swimming and I'm happiest when I'm under the water, pushing back up to the surface. When I was younger, I would pretend I was a mermaid (probably due to my fascination with Disney's "The Little Mermaid").

Swimming not only is a great way to exercise, but it also is a fantastic way to get cooled off during those sweltering summer days. It doesn't feel like you're in the heat when you're splashing around in the pool. Plus, it's fun!

2. Traveling/Vacationing 

Summer is vacation season. Summer is typically (for most occupations) the slowest time of the year at the office. Therefore, it's easier for people to take a week off from work and go to a lavish place with their family members.

I encourage this activity. Whether you're going to Florida, New England, California, Europe, or even just an hour away from home, life is different when you're on vacation. It's a (relatively) stress-free environment where you can go out for dinner, go to the beach, relax with your family, and just have fun in a new, exciting place.

Here are some suggestions for places to vacation/travel in Indiana: Holiday World & Splashin' Safarai (Santa Claus, IN), Turkey Run State Park (Marshall, IN), Indiana Dunes State Park (Chesterton, IN), and the Indianapolis Zoo (Indianapolis, IN).

3. Camping

If you live in a big city, camping can be a big eye-opener for you. You're surrounded by nature. You can go fishing for your meal, and then roast marshmallows with a bonfire for s'mores for dessert. You go to sleep to the sound of owls hooting. Hopefully you don't hear a coyote in the distance.

Being outside--away from the big city skyscrapers--makes you look at life in a different way. Whenever I'm outside at night, I look up at the sky and just watch the stars emerge. It's breathtaking to watch the sunset fade into the nighttime sky. Go outside and explore nature; that's why we're here.

4. Golfing 

(photo/Elite Golf Courses)
I'll be honest; I don't golf, but my older brother goes golfing at least once a week. He enjoys walking the course, and he gets better each time he goes. You walk a lot when you're golfing, which is a great way to exercise. It can be an independent sport. You can go by yourself and just have fun for a few hours. Or, you can go with your friends and turn it into a competition.

Golfing is a great way to work up a sweat during the summer. Plus, if you're really good, you can brag to your friends that you got a birdie on a very difficult hole.

5. Barbecuing 

(photo/Pottery Barn Blog)
Food is an activity, right? Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around swimming in the pool while my dad grilled pork chops outside. I remember seeing the smoke fill the air (it's supposed to do that; he didn't burn the pork chops), which meant the food was almost ready. My mom would cook indoors, preparing corn on the cob, a fresh salad, and pink lemonade.

Those were the best days of summer. I would swim during the day and then watch my dad cook dinner on the grill. I'm sad that our grill doesn't work anymore because I would really like to re-live that childhood memory.

If you're having your own barbecue or attending a friend's party, have fun. Bring some chips to contribute to the festivities. Drink lemonade in the sun, and just have fun.


Keith Urban sings a song about summer. In the lyrics, he sings: "Ain't it funny how the best days of my life was all that wasted time." He's absolutely right. The best days in your life are when you're wasting time--when you're spending all day in the pool or on the golf course. When you're exploring nature on a camping trip or vacationing in Tennessee. Or, when you're laughing with your friends at a barbecue.

Those are the best days. While you could be doing something else, the best days are when you're having fun. I encourage all of you to be bold and plan something new this summer. Waste some time; it won't hurt.

Inspire fun.



  1. Keep enjoying your summer. I'm glad you cherish all your special memories.

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  3. Summer is my favorite season so I enjoyed reading about your summer activities and all of your memories. Thanks for sharing!


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